Strata Management

We manage your real estate and your interests

To ensure that our customers receive comprehensive support for their properties, we have established a strategic partnership with Estate5 AG. The Estate5 AG is a renowned company that specializes in property and strata management and has many years of experience in this field.

Through this partnership, we can ensure that your real estate is perfeclty managed, be it a condominium, an apartment building or a commercial property. Estate5 AG takes on all tasks in the field of property and strata management, from maintenance and repairs to accounting and communication with tenants and owners.

Our collaboration with Estate5 AG enables us to offer our customers a holistic solution for their real estate needs. This means you can be confident that your investments are being optimally managed while you can concentrate on your core business.

Rental and property management

Estate5 AG reliably takes care of your rental and property management of commercial properties, residential and commercial buildings for you.

Strata- and property management

Professional and dedicated administration. ISO 9001 certified.

Sustainable property management

Estate5 advises owners’ associations on sustainable property management. From the installation of PV systems to eliminating road salt to protect the environment.